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About Windsor and Eton Brewery

Windsor and Eton Brewery is a well-known establishment located in Windsor, UK. The brewery is highly regarded for its quality craft beers and commitment to traditional brewing methods. Founded in 2010, it has quickly gained a reputation for producing a diverse range of flavorful and innovative beers. The brewery's location in the historic town of Windsor adds to its charm and appeal to visitors and locals alike. With a focus on sustainability and local sourcing, Windsor and Eton Brewery stands out as a key player in the craft beer industry.

Interesting facts about Windsor and Eton Brewery

  • Founded in 2010, Windsor and Eton Brewery is an independent craft brewery located in the historic town of Windsor, UK
  • They specialize in brewing traditional English ales as well as innovative and experimental craft beers
  • The brewery is located a short distance from Windsor Castle, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists
  • Windsor and Eton Brewery uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible to support the community and promote sustainability
  • They offer brewery tours where visitors can learn about the brewing process and sample a variety of their beers
  • The brewery has won numerous awards for their beers, showcasing their commitment to quality and craftsmanship
  • In addition to their core range of beers, Windsor and Eton Brewery also produces seasonal and limited edition brews
  • They have a tap room on-site where visitors can enjoy freshly brewed beers in a relaxed and welcoming environment
  • Windsor and Eton Brewery is known for their involvement in the local community, hosting events and supporting charitable causes
  • Visitors can purchase bottles and cans of Windsor and Eton Brewery's beers to take home as souvenirs or gifts

Frequently asked questions

1. Where is Windsor and Eton Brewery located?

Windsor and Eton Brewery is located in Windsor, UK.

2. When was Windsor and Eton Brewery founded?

Windsor and Eton Brewery was founded in 2010.

3. What types of beer does Windsor and Eton Brewery produce?

Windsor and Eton Brewery produces a variety of craft beers including pale ales, IPAs, stouts, and lagers.

4. Do they offer brewery tours?

Yes, Windsor and Eton Brewery offers brewery tours where visitors can learn about the brewing process and sample their beers.

5. Is Windsor and Eton Brewery family-friendly?

Yes, Windsor and Eton Brewery welcomes visitors of all ages, although children must be supervised by an adult.

6. Can you buy Windsor and Eton Brewery beers online?

Yes, Windsor and Eton Brewery has an online shop where you can purchase their beers for delivery.

7. Do they have a taproom or pub on-site?

Yes, Windsor and Eton Brewery has a taproom where visitors can enjoy their beers on-site.

8. Are there any special events or festivals hosted by Windsor and Eton Brewery?

Windsor and Eton Brewery often hosts beer festivals and special events throughout the year, showcasing their beers and other guest breweries.

9. Can you book private events or parties at Windsor and Eton Brewery?

Yes, Windsor and Eton Brewery offers private event bookings for parties and special occasions.

10. Is Windsor and Eton Brewery involved in any charity or community initiatives?

Yes, Windsor and Eton Brewery is active in supporting local charities and community events, often donating a percentage of their sales to charitable causes.

What people love about it

During my recent trip to Windsor, I had the opportunity to visit the Windsor and Eton Brewery. The brewery is located in a charming town with historic significance. It offers a unique experience for visitors interested in local craft beer. The brewery itself is well-maintained and provides a cozy atmosphere for enjoying their beer. The variety of beers available for tasting at the brewery is impressive and caters to different tastes. Overall, my visit to the Windsor and Eton Brewery was a memorable and enjoyable experience.

How to get to Windsor and Eton Brewery

To get to Windsor and Eton Brewery in Windsor, UK, you have a few options depending on your starting point:

1. **By Train**: The brewery is conveniently located near Windsor & Eton Central and Windsor & Eton Riverside train stations. Simply take a train to either of these stations from London Paddington station or other nearby locations, and it is just a short walk to the brewery from there.

2. **By Car**: If you are driving, you can use a GPS or map to navigate to the brewery's address: 1 Vansittart Estate, Windsor SL4 1SE. There is limited parking available, so it's advisable to check for nearby parking options in advance.

3. **By Bus**: There are several bus routes that pass through Windsor, so you can check for the most convenient bus stop close to the brewery and plan your journey accordingly.

Once you arrive at the brewery, you can enjoy a tour, sample some delicious craft beers, and experience the brewing process firsthand. Don't forget to check their website or contact them directly for any specific directions or updates on access routes.

When to visit

The best time of year to visit Windsor and Eton Brewery in Windsor, UK, is during the summer months, specifically from June to August. During this time, you can enjoy the pleasant weather and explore the beautiful countryside surrounding the brewery. Additionally, many local events and festivals take place in the summer, providing a fun and vibrant atmosphere for visitors. Be sure to check the brewery's schedule for tours, tastings, and special events during the summer months to make the most of your visit.

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