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About Dorney Court

Dorney Court, located in Windsor, UK, is a historic manor house dating back to the 15th century. It is renowned for its picturesque Tudor architecture and beautiful gardens, making it a popular attraction for visitors seeking to explore the rich history and culture of the region. The house has been preserved in its original state, allowing visitors to experience a sense of stepping back in time to the era of the Tudor monarchy. Additionally, the surrounding gardens offer a peaceful retreat for those looking to relax and unwind in a tranquil setting. Dorney Court is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, providing a unique glimpse into the past and an opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty of the English countryside.

Interesting facts about Dorney Court

  1. Dorney Court is a historic Tudor manor house located in the village of Dorney near Windsor, UK.
  2. The house dates back to the early 15th century and is known for its stunning architecture and well-preserved historical features.
  3. Dorney Court has been in the Palmer family for over 450 years and is still privately owned and maintained by the family.
  4. The house and its grounds have been used as filming locations for popular TV shows and movies, including "Poirot" and "The Other Boleyn Girl."
  5. Visitors can explore the beautiful gardens surrounding the house, which include a rose garden, herbaceous borders, and a walled vegetable garden.
  6. Dorney Court is also famous for its annual Christmas fair, where visitors can shop for unique gifts and decorations in a festive setting.
  7. The house is open to the public for guided tours and events throughout the year, giving visitors a glimpse into the history and heritage of the estate.
  8. Dorney Court is a popular venue for weddings and private events, offering a unique and elegant setting for special occasions.
  9. The estate is located near the River Thames and is surrounded by picturesque countryside, making it a peaceful and tranquil destination for visitors.
  10. Dorney Court is a hidden gem in the Windsor area, offering a true taste of English heritage and charm to all who visit.

Frequently asked questions

Questions about Dorney Court (Windsor, UK):

  1. What is the history of Dorney Court?
  2. Can visitors explore the gardens at Dorney Court?
  3. Is Dorney Court open to the public year-round?
  4. How far is Dorney Court from Windsor Castle?
  5. Are guided tours available at Dorney Court?
  6. Can visitors attend events or weddings at Dorney Court?
  7. What architectural style is Dorney Court built in?
  8. Is there a café or restaurant on the Dorney Court grounds?
  9. Are there any special exhibitions or events held at Dorney Court?
  10. How can visitors access Dorney Court using public transportation?


  1. Dorney Court is a historic Tudor manor house located near Windsor, originally built in the 15th century.

  2. Yes, visitors can explore the beautiful gardens at Dorney Court which feature stunning landscapes and unique plant varieties.

  3. Dorney Court is typically open to the public during specific times of the year, with varying opening hours depending on the season. It is advisable to check their official website for the latest information.

  4. Dorney Court is located just a short drive from Windsor Castle, approximately 5 miles away.

  5. Guided tours are often available at Dorney Court, providing visitors with insights into the history and architecture of the property.

  6. Events such as weddings can be hosted at Dorney Court, offering a picturesque and historic setting for special occasions.

  7. Dorney Court is built in the classic Tudor architectural style, characterized by its timber-framed structure and intricate detailing.

  8. While there may not be a café or restaurant directly on the grounds of Dorney Court, visitors can find dining options nearby in the surrounding area.

  9. Special exhibitions and events may occasionally take place at Dorney Court, showcasing art, history, or seasonal themes. It is recommended to check their events calendar for updates.

  10. Visitors can reach Dorney Court using public transportation by taking a train to Windsor or a bus to the nearby village of Dorney, with a short walk to the estate.

What people love about it

I recently visited Dorney Court in Windsor, UK, and must say that I was rather impressed. The historical architecture and charming gardens certainly left an impression on me. The peaceful atmosphere and picturesque surroundings made for a pleasant visit. Overall, the experience at Dorney Court was quite enjoyable.

How to get to Dorney Court

To get to Dorney Court in Windsor, UK, you have a few options:

1. **By Car**: If you are driving, Dorney Court is located just off the M4 motorway, making it easily accessible by car. You can use a GPS or map directions to navigate your way to Dorney Court.

2. **By Train**: The nearest train station to Dorney Court is Slough Station, which is well-connected to London Paddington station. From Slough Station, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach Dorney Court.

3. **By Bus**: There are local bus services that run to Dorney Court, with stops nearby. You can check the local bus schedules and plan your journey accordingly.

4. **By Taxi**: Taxis are also available in Windsor and the surrounding areas, and you can book one to take you directly to Dorney Court.

Please note that it's always a good idea to check the latest transportation options and schedules before setting off on your journey to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip to Dorney Court.

When to visit

The best time of year to visit Dorney Court in Windsor, UK would be during the spring or summer months. This historic Tudor manor house features stunning gardens and grounds that are typically in full bloom during the warmer months. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful flowers, lush greenery, and outdoor events that take place at Dorney Court during this time. Additionally, the weather in the spring and summer is usually more pleasant for exploring the gardens and spending time outdoors. It is recommended to check the official website of Dorney Court for specific event schedules and opening times before planning your visit.

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